Black Coffee for Weight Loss: Important Facts


More and more people consume coffee every day to keep themselves alert and energetic. Today, coffee consumers number 166 million people around the world. So, what makes this beverage so popular? Well, caffeine in coffee is the ultimate saviour for many people. In particular, for those who seek an instant lift in their energy levels. Besides, a coffee break brings people together and forms a social connection. However, some coffee lovers simply enjoy sipping coffee and enjoying its rich flavour. But how does coffee help with losing weight? Can you drink black coffee for weight loss? 

Absolutely, yes! A lesser-known benefit of drinking black coffee is that it helps with weight loss. If you want to shed some pounds, you can add black coffee to your weight loss regimen. Although a tad bitter, many people love sipping black coffee. Black coffee is a plain brewed coffee with no cream. According to Harvard research, drinking about four cups of coffee daily could reduce 4% of body fat. Here, we’ll dig deep into the benefits of black coffee for weight loss. 

Black coffee benefits 

Generally, black coffee is a healthy beverage made with roasted coffee beans. Aside from hot coffee, you can also have a cold brew of black coffee. While drinking coffee boosts your energy levels, it also has several other health benefits. And many coffee lovers are unaware of the benefits of coffee for weight loss. Let’s find out how drinking black coffee helps you lose weight.  

Caffeine kicks up your metabolism 

While coffee is rich in caffeine which boosts your mood, it also stimulates your metabolism. Also, one cup of brewed coffee contains about 95 mg of caffeine. And the caffeine content varies according to the type and roast of the coffee beans.  

Studies show that black coffee can increase your basal metabolic rate—the number of calories you burn when you are at rest. Also, the higher your metabolic rate is, the easier it is for you to burn fat and lose weight. Moreover, you can drink a cup of black coffee before your workout session. It leads to an increase in your energy levels and boosts your metabolism as well. 

As a result, drinking black coffee can keep you energized. Also, it suppresses your hunger hormone ghrelin. It results in effective weight management in the long run. 

Low calories of black coffee 

As per the U.S Department of Agriculture, one cup of black coffee contains about 2 calories. If you are caffeine sensitive, you can opt for decaffeinated coffee which has zero calories. To lose weight efficiently, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. This thermogenic effect of black coffee makes it a suitable drink for weight loss.  

Not only is coffee low in calories, but it also contains no fats and cholesterol. But make sure that you drink your black coffee with no additives like sugar and cream. It can load up your coffee with unnecessary calories. 

Chlorogenic acid in coffee  

Black coffee is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. A natural antioxidant found in black coffee beans is chlorogenic acid. This substance is responsible for the bitterness in your coffee. However, it has been shown to have a positive effect on weight loss. Also, it helps maintain glucose levels in your body.   

At the same time, some antioxidants like potassium, manganese, and magnesium lower your blood pressure. And the B vitamins found in black coffee support your metabolic rate. Moreover, chlorogenic acid stimulates your satiety hormone peptide YY. It makes you feel less hungry and fuller. 

Prevents water retention 

Part of the reason coffee has a mild diuretic action is its caffeine content. You will urinate more and it will help you lose water weight. It is a short-term strategy to reduce water content in your body by drinking black coffee for weight loss. 

Other health benefits 

Apart from some wonderful benefits of black coffee for weight loss, it has some other benefits as well. Studies show that drinking about two cups of coffee can improve your heart health. Likewise, drinking black coffee can reduce inflammation in your body. It helps to prevent certain types of cancers like liver cancer. 

What’s more, is that coffee is the ultimate drink for people with depression. When you drink black coffee, it releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine. Caffeine is a stimulant which makes you feel happy and erases your feeling of sadness linked with depression. Studies even show that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. And interestingly, coffee drinkers live longer than those who don’t drink coffee! 

Can we add honey to black coffee for weight loss goals? 

Not everyone is a fan of the bitter taste of black coffee. Often, you add some type of sweetener to make coffee palatable. So, can you add honey to black coffee? Of course, you can add honey to your black coffee to make it less bitter. It is a natural form of sweetener, unlike table sugar. However, be sure to stick to just one or two spoons of honey. Moreover, a dash of honey is enough to make your coffee sweeter and will not add many calories.   

Apart from that, honey also boosts your metabolism and burns fat. That is why adding honey to black coffee is beneficial for weight loss. It also provides you with other nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. However, few people experience acidity and heartburn with coffee. So, honey might help to balance out some of that acidity. You can even try other plant-based sweeteners like stevia and yacon syrup in black coffee.  

Is black coffee good for weight loss in the morning? 

While many people wake up to coffee, it is not a healthy habit. Since your body is in a state of rest, caffeine might give a sudden rush of energy. It is more beneficial to start your day with a glass of water rather than coffee. Experts suggest that the best time to drink coffee is mid-to-late morning.  

Also, you may experience digestive problems when you drink black coffee on an empty stomach. It can damage the lining of your stomach if you consume coffee regularly on an empty stomach. Also, it is essential to adjust your coffee intake according to your needs. 

Black coffee for weight loss at night 

A cup of coffee at night may help you work late at night without falling asleep. But is it a healthy choice to have black coffee at night regularly? Unless you don’t want to sleep, drinking black coffee close to bedtime is not a wise option. Even if you consume black coffee for weight loss, it is recommended to have it 6 hours before bedtime. Moreover, drinking black coffee late at night can affect your body’s circadian clock – your sleep-wake cycle. 

Downsides of too much coffee on weight loss 

While drinking black coffee is effective for weight loss, overconsumption of coffee may lead to the release of stress hormones. It can increase your anxiety, irritability, and jitteriness. And if you drink coffee right before sleep, it can cause insomnia. You may find it harder to sleep since caffeine affects your biological clock. On the flip side, it can affect your weight loss goals too. Studies show that poor sleep is associated with weight gain and increased appetite.  

Even the popular coffees you drink from coffee houses are high in artificial sugars and calories. It can affect your weight management and lead to obesity. So how do you prepare a healthy version of the best black coffee for weight loss at home? 

How to make black coffee at home for weight loss 

Black Coffee for Weight Loss

There’s no better way to get a healthier version of black coffee other than preparing it at home. You can make a sugar-free black coffee or even choose a healthy sugar substitute. It can help you get closer to your weight loss goals with no added calories. But how do you make a simple low effort cup of black coffee?  

Well, all you need is a cup of boiled water and a high-quality coffee powder. You start by filling a spoonful of coffee powder and a little water in a cup. Add a low-calorie natural sweetener like stevia, stir it, and fill up the cup with hot water. Your black coffee is ready to be a part of your weight loss regimen.  

You can even brew a cup of black coffee from freshly roasted beans. This whole ritual is soothing as well. But, consume only about 3 cups of black coffee in a day. And pair it with a healthy lifestyle for sustained weight loss. Now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy every sip! 

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